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See also our task board on Phabricator.

Committee Responsibilities

Responsibilities - specified general duties, and tasks for individuals

Format of this page requires regular updates and checking

All Committee members general duties

Specific tasks for Committee members

    • Management of incoming correspondence - Exec Officer/Secretary
    • Public announcements to announce-l: Exec Officer
    • Social media in general: Exec Officer
    • Press/media queries: Exec Officer
    • Publishing minutes & resolutions: Secretary
    • Prepare meeting agenda: Exec Officer
    • Foundation Liason: President
    • Reimbursements - Treasurer, Vice-President & President and/or current signatory
    • ATO reports - Treasurer
      • BAS - Treasurer
      • AusKey to update ABR- Treasurer
    • CAV - Secretary
    • ACNC - Secretary
    • Membership - Treasurer or Secretary
      • Requests come in via application form (Google form)
  • Membership officer (Secretary) to send WMAU tax invoice to new member
  • Delegation of approval to Membership officer - to be reported to committee via email or meeting report, note that the end responsibility for membership approvals still lies with the committee.

Membership Officer adds member to Xero contacts Member group

  • Can be vetoed as soon as practical. Deemed final at committee meeting after membership app is received.
    • President sends welcome letter after committee meeting following application
    • Quarterly news- collation of reports & overview for the announcements (& members??) list - Exec Officer

    • All committee members
      • Contacts made in a WMAU capacity to be logged
      • COI register (overseen by Secretary)
  • Creation of meeting agendas - President (back up Vice-President)
    • Planning/dates/notifications - President
  • Publishing of financial reports from approved minutes (BAS, cash summary) - Treasurer
  • Maintaining calendar of events - Kerry and organisers/contacts
  • Announcing AGMs and other general meetings - Secretary
  • Maintaining the public wiki list of past and future events
    • Event organiser (overseen by Kerry)
  • Maintaining resolutions database - Secretary
  • Reporting to members after committee meetings
  • VSP reporting follow-up & approval of small VSP's: Gideon
    • Internal policy: Any VSP's less than $100 within our statement of purpose will require a 1 para summary of how the support was used & the benefit to WMAU.
  • CEP remains a whole-of-committee decision.
  • Projects should have two people involved

Things to think about: